Biography (short form):

  • Name: Anestis Potossakis
  • born on 8th April 1992
  • originally Greek, also speaks German, English, Spanish, (Portuguese/French to an extent)
  • B.A.(double major) in Classics/ Roman Studies (2014)
  • profession: computer science expert  (2020) [MCSA, LPIC, CCNA, MCSE], systems integrator, programmer (Python, C++, SQL)
As an artist:
  • active since 2017, independent artist 
  • vocalist (singer/songwriter/rapper), guitarist, bassist, performer, digital artist
  • lyricist
  • main DAW: Logic Pro X
  • genres: alternative rock, electronica, hip-hop, synth rock, folk
  • main languages: English, Spanish
  • favorite food: Moussaka
  • has read The Hobbit before watching the movie
  • still undecided between cats and dogs
  • improves on drums, still waiting for that violin
  • sees Math as the nexus of most things related to his goals
  • single
  • reading (ancient literature, novels, historical fiction) and languages
  • sports (soccer, basketball, fitness)
  • astronomy (a bit)
  • music
  • science
  • traveling (Mediterranean countries) and culture

As a digital artist, I am pleased to offer you various methods of getting ahead in your search of new and sophisticated ways of expanding your creative vision.    

In the section below, you are welcome to take a look on what we can achieve together either remotely or a real session:

Lyrics / Songwriting

Let me assist you with:

  • Composition of Pop/Rock
  • Lyrical ingenuity and poetry
  • Aesthetical productivity
  • Intuitive/automatic songwriting

Session Artist/ Vocals/ Perfomer

Let us get in touch for:

  • Vocals:  Features (Singer)
  • Vocals: Features (Rap, Staccato)
  • Session Artist: Guitar
  • Session Artist: Bass
  • Session Artist: Percussion
  • Session Artist: Synths and Keyboards
  • Performer (Gigs, live shows)
Producing and Licensing
Contact me for:
  • Arrangement in LPX
  • Collaborations
  • Licensing (Trailers, advertisements, branding)
Just send me a mail at and we can get started as soon as possible! Looking forward to our collaboration!